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Take the Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test from the American Diabetes Association

CPR training: For Your Health Community Training Center

Quit Smoking with Quitnet

AIDS Resource Center (ARC) Ohio  is now Equitas Health: Care for All

J. B. Winters, D.O.

Mid-City Pediatrics

Accessible Healthcare Institute

Piqua Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

Jen Woodard, MSN, CNP, UC Health Dermatology

Living a Heart Healthy Life as an Active Senior

Information on the D.A.S.H. diet from the Mayo Clinic

D.A.S.H. diet recipes from the Mayo Clinic

I will work on a nice blog some time, but for now, I’ll just say

“Thanks, Dr. Winters” for the following links she has posted on her website!

CDC “Take 3” Actions to fight the flu

Fall prevention during winter months

National Institutes of Health: Hypothermia risk for older people