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R. Y. and family:

“Thank you for your kindness and comforting care. You are an outstanding nurse.”

The C. Family:

“Very helpful in every way.  Also good at what he does.”

B. B., RN:

“A patient said during rounding, ‘Anthony is very sweet and informative.’  Thank you.”

A. G., RN:

“A family member was thankfully tearful when praising you for attention to details when caring for his dying father. Thanks for helping in a difficult situation.”

J. P., RN:

“Thank you for helping with blood product.  Thank you also for helping transfer (a patient) off the unit at shift change.  Great team work.”

M. M.:

“You deserve a shout out for providing outstanding care to patient.  Quote from daughter: ‘When I knew Anthony was my mom’s nurse, I knew I could go home because I knew my mom was in good hands.’”

J. P., RN:

“Thank you, ‘G-Tube Whisperer,’ for all your great help.”

M. R., RN:

“Dr. M. said that a patient seemed a lot better after you spent some time to speak with her.  Thank you.”

J. Y., RN:

“Thank you so much for staying late and providing patient care and calling physicians and displaying teamwork!”

C. A., RN:

“You deserve a shout out for always asking if I need help with anything even if you aren’t caught up yet.  And for always having an upbeat attitude.”

S. G., RN:

“Thanks for helping me with an IV while I was in another room.  Great team player.”

A. A., RN:

“Anthony asked me if he could take my phone so I could have an uninterrupted lunch.  He was amazing, handled everything with my patients until I came back.  Thank you sooo much.”